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The Wonders of Cabbage Juice (It May Smell Funky, But It’s Health Benefits Will Win You Over!)

Let’s admit the truth right upfront: the appeal of cabbage juice lies not in its smell or taste, but in the many health benefits you can derive from drinking it. As a member of the super-healthy cruciferous family of vegetables (that also includes broccoli, cauliflower, and kale), cabbage contains a wealth of good stuff (also known as micronutrients and/or phytochemicals) with a broad spectrum of medicinal properties.

What’s good to know, it is packed with vitamin A , C and vitamin E, which helps boost your immunity!

Who else has been feeling this pesky cold and flu season? If you feel like you are perpetually on the precipice of getting sick, then make yourself some cabbage juice. It’s cheaper than the medicine you’ll have to take once you get that cold or flu 😉

Fortunately, the slightly funky smell and taste (it definitely smells sulfurous) is easily masked with the addition of other vegetables and fruits, so there is no reason not to drink it!

Not only is this juice pretty (I mean, look at that color! BAM!) It is totally delicious. So stop being such a cry baby. Here is your cast of characters for this killer cabbage juice:

1 large cucumber, peeled
1/2 of a medium red or white cabbage
1-2 pears (or apples)
2 lemons
1 inch piece of ginger

Wash, prep, cut into manageable juice-able pieces and send them all down your juicer.

Cabbage is available in both green and red varieties and both can be successfully juiced. When selecting cabbage for juicing make sure that the cabbage head is firm and the leaves are crisp. Avoid limp cabbages that show signs of yellowing as their nutritional content will have begun to decline due to being past their time of optimum ripeness.

One of the great things about cabbage is that it is relatively cheap compared to many other vegetables and it can be stored for a relatively long time in the fridge. This makes it an excellent standby for your juicing routines and means that you can juice without worrying about overspending / wasting perishable produce.

cabbage juice

cabbage juice

By the way, in case you didn’t know, the funky-smelling sulphur compounds in the cabbage are very beneficial to the liver. Together with the lemon this juice is very cleansing without being purgative. If you want to make it more ‘effective’ for the bowel, the blend rather than juice.

Cabbage Juice Ingredients

Getting ready for juicing: some ingredients for cabbage juice

When juicing cabbage, it is best mixed with other juices such as pear, carrot, or apple juice. If you consume too much cabbage juice in one go then you may experience a feeling of gas and slight cramps in the intestine due to the sulphur in the cabbage juice reacting with bacteria that exist in the intestines.

Heals Ulcers

In “The Gut Flush Plan,” author Anne Louise Gittleman, a certified nutrition specialist, notes that cabbage juice, a traditional treatment for peptic ulcers, supports the mucosal linings of the gastrointestinal tract.

Targets “Bad” Cholesterol

A team of researchers explored the cholesterol-lowering properties of cabbage and broccoli juice. Scientists assembled a study group of 77 adults diagnosed with mildly to moderately elevated cholesterol levels. Half of the subjects received two cans daily of mixed fruit and vegetable juices, with broccoli and cabbage juices making up the majority of the content; the other half received two cans of mixed fruit and vegetable juice that contained no broccoli or cabbage juice. At the end of the 12-week study period, test subjects who received the broccoli and cabbage juice mix showed a significant reduction in blood levels of low-density lipoprotein, the so-called bad cholesterol.

Anti-cancer Properties

Cruciferous vegetables, including cabbage, are well known for their cancer-preventive properties. The phytochemicals in cabbage — and its juice — stimulate your immune system, which helps fight off all forms of illness, including cancer. Phytochemicals inhibit the growth and spread of cancerous cells and protect against tumors.

Juicing Tip

It’s great to use seasonal vegetables. You get more nutrients from the freshest produce.

Side Effects

Cabbage juice produces no significant side effects, although some users note an increase in intestinal gas. If this poses a problem, dilute cabbage juice with water on a ratio of one or two parts water for every four parts of juice. You also can make the juice more palatable by juicing an apple or two carrots along with the cabbage.


cabbage juice

Cabbage Juice (made with a blender. To make it into a clear juice, strain the pulp with a cloth or fine mesh.)


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