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Carrot Juice on Steroids (i.e. with Sprouts!)

I’ve been growing lots of sprouts lately in my kitchen – it’s another easy (and completely safe) way to add some healthy nutrients to your diet without spending a fortune (I do recommend investing in quality organic seeds, though, which are not the cheapest, but if you buy in bulk, it definitely beats buying sprouts in health food stores.)

I usually just munch on them, add them to smoothies and/or salads, but this time, I really ended up with a few trays of sprouts, so I decided to try juicing them. I use Breville, which is probably not best suited for juicing greens or sprouts, so what I do is I pass the pulp though the juicer 2-3 times, until the pulp is dry (I use high setting first, and then slow setting). I find this results in more juice, which is important, especially if using organic ingredients.

So what I ended up was this carrot juice on steroids…

Carrot Juice on Steroids (with Sprouts ;-))

4 carrots
2 cups sprouts
1 apple

Pass all ingredients through your juicer.

carrot-juice recipe

Here you have a few pictures of my sprout garden. It’s really lovely and super easy to do.


Variation: Add a few celery stalks for a more savory juice.


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