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If I drink juices and eat a healthy diet, do I need a multivitamin?


If I drink juices and eat a healthy diet, do I still need a multivitamin?

So, let’s say you are drinking your juices (and/or smoothies), and eating a healthy, plant-rich diet. Does it mean that you don’t need supplements?

The best way to find out if you are deficient in any nutrient is to get your blood work done.

However, according to many experts, there are some nutrients that are lacking even in an ideal diet, and deficiencies can undermine your health. So, a high quality supplement can fill these gaps, ensuring that we get adequate amounts of essential micronutrients.

The following vitamins and minerals are often lacking even in a healthy, plant-based diet and need to be supplemented (the best way to find out whether or not you have any nutritional deficiency is by getting tested):…

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Health Benefits From Juicing Marijuana

When most people think of the health benefits of marijuana, they only consider the ‘high’ feeling from smoking it. Unfortunately, this has created a stigma that has traditionally been associated with rowdy and disorderly people. However, this drug has amazing, but almost unknown, health benefits when consumed raw, such as when juicing. Dr. Courtney explains every reason why marijuana has a crucial role in the body and how it helps in treating various health conditions that are not treated easily by taking prescription medicine. For more information on the medical uses for juicing cannabis, including natural pain management, please contact the Redwood Clinic.…

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Best Vitamins are Whole Food Vitamins In Fruits and Vegetables: Don’t Spend Money on Cheap Vitamins

We all know that vitamins are essential for our normal health and development. They are vital to life and everybody needs them. It’s also no secret that vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements are part of a very lucrative, billion dollar industry. In fact, it is reported by some sources that Americans spend almost $2 billion on various vitamin and mineral supplements annually.

It’s true, our bodies do need vitamins and minerals for optimum health. It’s also true that most of us do not consume enough vegetables and fruits to supply the needed amount.

However, the solution is not to take more pills, but to drastically improve your diet, and this can be done only by adding LOADS of FRESH, RAW FRUITS, VEGETABLES and LEAFY GREENS to your diet EVERY DAY! […]


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