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Blended Soups & Salads: Savory & Crunchy Alternative to Juicing

Juicing is great and green juice in particular is a great energy and health booster.

However, sometimes, I just want something more substantial and filling.

A glass of a green smoothie could be an option, but high fruit content in many smoothie recipes can be a problem for some people with diabetes and blood sugar issues. Whatever the reason, I encourage to add some Green Power Soup and Salad Recipes to your healthy eating recipes repertoire :-). …

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Finally! Healthy Nutrition Made Easy: Learn How to Prepare Delicious Green Smoothies That Your Family Will Love!

Drinking juices freshly extracted from fruits, veggies and greens is a fantastic way to add important nutrients from fruits and vegetables to your diet; nutrients that can be assimilated quickly and easily by your body. However, as I mentioned in my post about Benefits of Juicing Vs Blending (the post that discusses some disadvantages of…

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Benefits of Juicing Vs Blending: Why Juicing May Not Be an Ideal Way To Add More Fruits & Veggies to Your Diet

Benefits of juicing cannot be denied. Preparing freshly made juices from fruits, veggies and greens is without question a fantastic way to enrich your diet with super-important nutrients that can be absorbed quickly and easily by your body. However, juicing may or may not be the ideal solution you for at least three reasons. Why…

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