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Equipment for Fruit Juice Processing

The following brief article provides a very general introduction to choosing a juicer.

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Equipment for Fruit Juice Processing

When taking a look at the available equipment for fruit juice processing used today, you will discover a variety of interesting selections.

Depending on the type of desired juice, an important option to consider is how well the equipment separates the liquid component from the solid parts of the fruit.

For example, some consumers enjoy a lot of pulp in their morning orange juice, while others prefer an ultra-smooth consistency.

Since the early 70’s, the production of fruit juice has drastically changed with the many achievements in technological advancements.

For example, it takes much less time to create flavorful beverages through the development of more efficient practices, as well as improved equipment for fruit juice processing.

The rise in interest pertaining to natural, healthier foods and drinks has influenced the way these products are made. For example, apple juice with a cloudy appearance signifies natural appeal.

Breville Juicer

Breville Juicer

When making this type of beverage, a centrifuge, belt press, as well as a heater is used. Additional options in fruit juice production include decanters and sterilizers.

When it comes to the cleanliness of the fruits used in our favorite juices, sterilizers are used. Some models possess extremely high temperature capabilities and steam pressure.

Belt presses are an advantageous piece of equipment for fruit juice processing because they are able to produce maximum fruit juice extraction. This is accomplished through a series of press rollers, which squeezes and collects high amounts of juice. Cider production efficiently benefits from this process.

To produce the various orange juice selections you see on the market, there are a couple of different centrifuges responsible for this process. Coupled with decanters, these two pieces of equipment are used to reduce the amount of pulp throughout the liquid content.

During this process, purification of the essential oils is achieved by an automatic discharge centrifuge, which is also referred to as a “desludger.” A second centrifuge, also known as “the polisher,” extracts solid material and water from the juice.

Centrifuges are also responsible for completing special processes, such as pectin extraction and de-waxing. In orange, lemon, and grapefruit juices, oil extraction and clarification is achieved. Additional applications associated with centrifuges include sediment processing, wastewater, and residue treatment.

With the adjustment of decanters and centrifuges, high-, medium-, and low-pulp levels of fruit juices are achieved. This is especially helpful when producing pineapple juice.

Decanters are helpful for removing the parts of mangos and guavas that normally makes a juice product undesirable. One fruit juice processing option is the tricanter, which uses three different phases. This selection is often used to process coconut beverages.

As you see, there are various pieces of equipment for fruit juice processing that transforms our favorite fruits into our favorite beverages.

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