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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Trailer, My New Breville Juicer, Plus Mean Green Juice Recipe

FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD is an inspiring film that chronicles Joe Cross’ personal mission to regain his health while traveling across America, juicer in tow, and inspiring others to do the same.

If you are thinking about doing a “juice reboot,” there’s nothing like it! It’s invigorating, healthy and curbs one’s appetite.

Get inspired by reading about Joe and Phil, and watching their documentary! Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have been inspired by this movie, my family included….

Reboot Your Life With Juicing

When Joe sets off on his trip, he is seriously overweight, his body laden with and suffering from a debilitating auto-immune disease–an auto-immune disorder that requires 15 milligrams a day of Prednisone. That dosage guarantees long-term adverse side effects. He is also taking several other pills every day.

Finally, he’s had it. With doctors and conventional medicine powerless to offer a real solution, Joe turns to the only option left…the body’s ability to heal itself….

He ditches the junk food lifestyle and takes to the road with his Breville juicer vowing only to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for the next 60 days….

The transformation is incredible…

Joe Cross leaves his Australian home and business and goes on a physician-supervised 2-month juice fast. He spends 30 days in New York City, and the second 30 days traveling by road from East to West. Along the way he talks to people everywhere he goes, preaching the virtues of juice fasting for weight loss.

One of the main things that you will see in the documentary is how powerful and effective a juice fast can be to your health. You might think that Joe Cross was a little crazy when he’s only going to drink juice for the entire 60 days. But after seeing the positive results from Joe and a couple of individuals who also tried a similar fast, you may get inspired and motivated to reboot your own life with juicing.

Ok, so the main message of this good-natured documentary is nothing earth-shattering, but Joe’s insistence that self-help is the best help allows him to lay responsibility on ourselves.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have been inspired by this movie, my family included. Although we did not go on a juice fast, I did purchase a new Breville juice fountain (the DVD came free with the purchase!) and have been making vegetable juices for myself and my husband. We set off to make juice immediately.





My husband, not ready for a full-blown juice fast, nevertheless likes vegetable juices a lot. The juices that you see in the pictures contain kale, cabbage, celery, beets (hence the red color), apples, carrots, and a tiny bit of garlic.

While I don’t need to be persuaded of the benefits of plant based nutrition, however, my husband always says that he needs his meat and dairy for protein and other nutrients; that he feels week without them, that he needs animal foods to build muscle, etc.

So, what I love about the movie is that it’s about a regular guy in his forties (my husband is a few years older, but generally close enough in age to be able to relate to him), who switches to a 100% plant-based nutrition, no fish, meat or dairy whatsoever; and looks and feels GREAT as a result.

Not weak, or overly thin, but very strong and athletic. Plus he seems about 10 years younger. He also cures his diseases and goes completely off of all medications he’d been taking for years.

All this definitely got my husband’s attention, and – although I don’t expect him to become vegan or go on a 60 day juice cleanse – I do think that the movie shook a bit his deep-belief on the necessity of animal products to keep healthy and strong – a belief that has been holding him from achieving better health and losing weight.

So he finally agreed to make some substantial changes to his diet, which makes me very happy.


We watched the movie together while sipping our juices – I hope he gets inspired to juice more. I’ll be putting the juicer right next to his wine bar (you see it in the background and on the right ;-)).

juice reboot

juice reboot

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Movie Trailer

You can find “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” documentary on Amazon and Netflix).

If you’re serious about changing your lifestyle – Watch this!

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain

The juicer that Joe has been using (BTW it’s the one that I bought, too) is Breville Juice Fountain, which you can find on Amazon or in any store that carries kitchen appliances.


Juice Fasting: My 2 Cents

Although juicing for weight loss is great, doing a 60 day juice fast isn’t necessarily the easiest or the most healthy way to lose weight for most people, in my opinion. By juicing fruit and veggies you are losing virtually all of the beneficial fibers, unless of course you eat the pulp – or drink green smoothies 😉

What I would recommend instead, is simply to add lots of freshly made vegetable/fruit juices (and smoothies) to your diet. Unless you’re a committed, disciplined type, or are strongly motivated by chronic disease, you don’t have to go cold turkey on juice reboot diet. Just just ADD LOTS of juice to your diet.

As the days go by, drink more and more of it, until you find yourself eating less and less of everything else.

Next start replacing your “meat and potato” type meals with more fruit, vegetables, as well as some whole grains and beans. Once all that’s accomplished, then try the juice fast.

Taking cold turkey plunge into the juice fast is challenging to say the least, and you might just fold and abandon the fast too quickly, and never return to the wonders of juicing. That’s why it’s better to ease into this gradually.

Also, you need to be aware of the detox effect – with some unpleasant side effects – that will kick in if you go into this too quickly.

Also, buy a really good juicer. If it’s not easy to do the juicing, it will become the excuse to quit. I recommend Breville which you can buy at a really good price at Amazon.com.

Mean Green Juice Recipe

4 stalks of celery
1 cucumber — (peel off skin)
1 ginger root — (thumb size – peel off skin)
1/2 lemon — (skin cut off)
2 green apples
6 kale leaves

juice reboot

Fat sick nearly dead juice fast: The Juicer

By the way, if you’re on the market for a juicer, you will probably like to know that Joe Cross is using a Breville juicer.

Submit a Juice Recipe or a Juicing Tip

If you have a favorite recipe or want to share a review of your favorite juicer, why not submit it here in the comment section for others to enjoy too!

And read more about the benefits of juicing on this juicing site.



  1. Mary Jane

    I liked reading your 2 Cents! I too am a fan of juicing but really, the fiber and the goodness in the pulp that is wasted makes me hesitate to do lots of it. So green smoothies are my “juice of choice”. I liked that you said to drink more and more juices and smoothies and eat less of everything else. This method is far less stressful than if you just go cold turkey into healthy living.

    Thanks for an excellent article. MUST start adding some ginger to my juices/smoothies. Have not done it yet but is it so often recommended.

  2. janice

    i have been juicing for 17 days. i eat supper which consist of fish, chicken, kc healthy heart stake, 95% lean burger. lots of water. i juice breakfast and lunch im not hunger for supper i have to make myself eat. i dont eat much. like supper i make taco burger with lettuce and tomatoe mix up and eat good. fish, brocclli and sweet potatoes. chicken, green beans, sweet potatoes. well that gives u an idea. 20 pounds. i have more energy. i dont no what to do with myself sometimes. even my libeto is way up i cant believe. im 50 years old i want to do everything, sometimes i get restless when my husband wants me to sit and watch tv. but he is the one who had me watch sick, fat and dearly dead. thanks for everything from the bottom of my heart..amen

  3. janice

    also don’t freak u can use a vitamix or ninja i have both. i use my vita mix. i put the whole apple in i get pulp and all for the fiber and nutrients. thats my recommendation. think is all you must do and figure out ways. also, in a pinch out and about. hungry. go to grocery store and buy naked green juice just as benefical and the bother brand botlese i believe. if in a pinch. convient.

  4. Lois Bologna

    I just started my juice fast, day 2. So far so good. Love the juice. I have been dieting for 3 months and have lost 20 lbs and now looking to jump start the weight loss. Need to loose 15 lbs in a month so I can fit into a dress for my step daughters wedding. Can I do it? I say YES!!!

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