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Grape Juice Recipe (No Juicer Required!)

Grape juice is delicious and refreshing, and it’s easy to prepare, even without a juicer.

The recipe below calls for lemon, which adds some tangy flavor, so don’t skip it. It also calls for sugar – I’m not big fan of adding sugar to my juice, so skip it, substitute with stevia, or adjust the quantities to your liking.

The method below shows how to make juice without a juicer – a convenient recipe for when you don’t have your juice extractor available.

Another way to prepare it, if you don’t have a juicer, but have a blender handy instead, would be to blend the grapes and then strain the mixture (as in this post).

Black Grape Juice Recipe (No Juicer Required)

2 cups black grapes
lemon juice – from 1/2 a lemon
sugar, to taste, or substitute with stevia, the herb (don’t confuse with Splenda!)
water, as needed
10 to 12 ice cubes

grape juice without juicer

Via Sharmispassions

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