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Health Benefits From Juicing Marijuana

When most people think of the health benefits of marijuana, they only consider the ‘high’ feeling from smoking it. Unfortunately, this has created a stigma that has traditionally been associated with rowdy and disorderly people. However, this drug has amazing, but almost unknown, health benefits when consumed raw, such as when juicing.

When still raw, medical marijuana contains antioxidants as well as a non-psychoactive, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer compound called cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD. This compound is suitable for treating most chronic diseases.

Despite its limited popularity, the CBD that comes from medical marijuana is one of the most effective medicinal solutions, with rare benefits aimed at regulating the immune system. The human body system contains an internal endogenous cannabinoid system with cannabinoid receptors. The introduction of the CBD from medical marijuana plays a crucial role in normalizing the functional system of the body. Some of the most crucial roles played by this compound include proper cell communication and proper functioning of the human immune system.

According to the founder of Cannabis International, William Courtney, the CBDs carry out their tasks by reducing the gap of neurotransmission in the CNS (Central Nervous System), including the human brain. By so doing, it provides a two-way communication system that creates the right feedback loop. Dr Courtney is an internationally recognized expert on the medical benefits of marijuana.

The two way-transmission system common with medical marijuana intake has shown significant benefits in pain management compared to the rational one-way system of modern medicine. The two way system is likened to the one used by the body in its usual two-way communications pattern. This means that for people who have various difficulties in their systems such as cellular dysfunction, autoimmune disorders, cancer cells, chronic inflammation and many others, are advised to take CBDs to ease their situation. According to Dr. Courtney, the CBDs can be prepared by juicing raw marijuana buds and leaves. He has been providing this resolution to patients who are in need of various solutions to chronic pain management.

According to Dr. Ethan Russo, a physician and a senior advisor to the famous GW Pharmaceuticals, the human body has a lot of cannabinoids. The endogenous cannabinoids are very effective during the regulation of immune, nerve and bone functions. GW Pharmaceuticals is a drug company from Britain that utilizes CBDs by using a new mouth spray called Sativex. This spray uses marijuana as the main ingredient. Dr. Russo further states that the cannabinoids are mainly helpful when it comes to bringing balance into the body system and also determining how the body works. He says that the cannabinoids act as the major fine-tuning aspect of the human body system.

Despite the fact that there are some states in the U.S. such as Colorado and California that are now coming to terms with the medical uses for cannabis, the federal government still maintains that this drug has no beneficial use as far as medical issues are concerned. The longer the government ignores the medical uses for cannabis, people will continue to miss the opportunity to have the chance to realize its real importance.

According to a video posted on cannabisinternational.org, around 106,000 Americans die every year as a result of prescribed drugs. The video features the story of Kristen, a young girl who battled various infections including juvenile arthritis at the age of 16. All along, she had been using prescribed drugs to control her condition. However, things changed when she met Dr Courtney who introduced her to the medical uses for cannabis. During those days, her face had changed and became round like the moon due to notable swelling. The video takes you through some scientific proof of how marijuana is very helpful in the human immune system. Dr. Courtney explains every reason why marijuana has a crucial role in the body and how it helps in treating various health conditions that are not treated easily by taking prescription medicine. For more information on the medical uses for juicing cannabis, including natural pain management, please contact the Redwood Clinic.

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