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Green Juice: Energizing Green Vegetable Cocktail

There are many variations of this green juice recipe that you may want to try – almost every book on the subject of diet and nutrition gives some version of this green cocktail.

Green juices are unbelievably good for you, so good, in fact, that we should all be drinking them daily in the morning, instead of the coffee or milk.  They are great immune system boosters.

One fundamental quality of green juice is chlorophyll, which is the product of plants turning light into energy for insects and animals to eat. Without chlorophyll, life as we know it, would not exist.

Some of the many wonderful benefits of chlorophyll include; strong detoxifying properties including that of the liver, as well as removing unfriendly bacteria, parasites and mold.

Chlorophyll can also help improve your blood quality because of its molecular composition, which resembles that of hemoglobin. It helps increase red blood cell count and increases the circulation of oxygen throughout our blood. It also promotes the repair and growth of all tissues in the body.

Green Juicing Recipes

So, if you are willing to try a great juicing recipe for green vegetables and kale that will give you lots of energy, here it is.

This is a recipe for a delicious green drink with apples and lemon:

Simple version:
1 head romaine lettuce or celery
5-6 leaves of kale (you can add some other greens too, such as spinach, dandelion, or parsley)
1-2 apples or pears (green apples are less sweet, more tart)
1 lemon (if not organic, then the lemon should be peeled)

Additional/optional ingredients:
1 cucumber
1 cup of spinach leaves
1/4 of a small cabbage
1/4 to 1/2 ripe Hawaiian papaya (1/2 results in a sweeter juice)
1 handful of cilantro or parsley (or both for deeper green color)
1 handful of fennel (stalk can be used too)

You may also like to add some beets or carrots, but then of course it will no longer be a green drink. Some people like to add small slice of garlic and/or ginger. Adding some fennel will also add an interesting twist.

Drink to your health and boost your immune system!

Other Juice Combinations with Greens

Liver Tonic
1/2 beet with greens
3 apples

Alkaline Cleanser
1 cup of spinach
2 stalks of celery including leaves
3 carrots
1/2 cucumber
1 apple

Carrot Kale Juice
5 carrots
1 cup of kale

green juice recipe

Should You Rotate Greens in Your Juices?

Some people recommend that you need to rotate your greens in green juices.

But why?

Why not just have the same two shots of wheatgrass juice every day or two handfuls of spinach in every juice recipe you make, day in and day out?

Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, juicing different leafy greens promotes nutritional diversity. Different foods have different amounts of nutrients. By eating a variety of greens, you’ll get a more balanced amount of vitamins and minerals.

The second reason some people recommend you should use a variety of greens for juicing is that all leaves contain small quantities of toxins as a defense mechanism to protect a plant from being eaten whole. Animals grazing on these plants go from one plant to another and rotate them naturally. As an example, goitrogens in kale can interfere with thyroid hormone function in susceptible individuals. Oxalic acid in spinach can be problematic for some people in high amounts. I don’t think there is a reason to be overly concerned, though. It’s just something to keep in mind. Anyway, using a variety of produce is always superior to using the same ingredients over and over.

Some individuals are concerned about eating oxalate-rich foods, however, oxalate does not build up in the body as long as fat metabolism and digestion work properly. Therefore, consuming large quantities of greens is perfectly safe for most people who do not have a pre-existing health condition that could be aggravated by these foods. However, in order to prevent a potential problems caused for a buildup or overdose of toxic elements in certain plant foods, it’s best to not eat the same greens every day in large amounts.

Most likely, you don’t need to be concerned about consuming too much of any green juice. Maybe if you are one of the people who – once they learn about health benefits of certain foods – go overboard and consume huge amount of these foods for extended periods of time – then you should consider rotating your greens.

For optimal nutrition, eating (and juicing) a variety of plant foods is best.


Mean Green Juice Recipe

With the growing popularity of the “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” movie, many people are searching for the mean green juice recipe featured in that film.

4 stalks of celery
1 cucumber — (peel off skin)
1 ginger root — (thumb size – peel off skin)
1/2 lemon — (skin cut off)
2 green apples
6 kale leaves

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green juice recipe

Submit a Juice Recipe or a Juicing Tip

If you have a favorite recipe or want to share a review of your favorite juicer, why not submit it here in the comment section for others to enjoy too!

And read more about the benefits of juicing on this juicing site.


Also, read more about benefits of juicing and health cleanse juicing recipes on this Best Juicer Recipes and Juicing for Health Advice blog. Some of my favorite juicing recipes include Fresh V8 Juice Recipe, Watermelon-Grape Delight and Apricot-Mango Ambrosia. If you still don’t have a juicer and are considering getting one, read my review of my favorite juicing machine Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor.


  1. John

    Thoughtful post, good information, definitely food for thought. Or should that be juice for thought?

    I’ll try this recipe later and let you know what I think. Green is good.

    Always remember my mother boiling spinach until it was like mushy grass and then complaining because I wouldn’t eat it – put me off greens for years! Now I’ll eat anything . . .

    Cheers, John
    .-= John´s last blog ..May 18, Juicing Recipe <br>Yammin’ Carrot and Apple =-.

  2. John

    Just thought I’d pay it back – here’s a recipe one of my visitors recently submitted. Delicious.


    * 1½ cups of blueberries

    * 1½ cups of blackberries

    * 1 cup of raspberries

    * 4 strawberries


    The prep time is minimal for this juicing recipe. Only the strawberries need to be topped, the other berries need nothing more than a rinse.

    This berry juicer recipe is great for boosting the immune system.

    Black berries in particular are a great source of the 3 important vitamins for the optimum functioning of the immune system – vitamin A, C and E.

    Using organic berries is always best for the immune system. The toxic pesticides used in intensive farming methods tax the immune system heavily.
    .-= John´s last blog ..May 18, Juicing Recipe <br>Yammin’ Carrot and Apple =-.

  3. Chris

    Just found this and juiced it immediately. It really hit the spot! Great juice! I am on a juice fast and have been having trouble finding a tasty green juice. This really helped me out since you gave different options that can be added in the right proportions. Thanks!!!

  4. royalnash

    You dont like blueberries or raspberries. are you kidding me those 2 fruits tastes better than the top green vegetables. You are a weak punk

  5. Agnes


    Here’s a question. Could I replace kale with another vegetable for the mean juice recipe? I’m from Singapore, I couldn’t find kale easily. Very strange. Thanks.


  6. Joanna

    Yes, of course, any dark green leafy vegetable will be great for this recipe.

    I’m not sure what you have available in Singapore, so you’ll have to experiment – in any case, it’s good to rotate your greens, so you don’t keep using the same greens over and over.

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