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Juicer Recipes: How to Make Juice Without a Juicer Using a Blender?

Here is an unconventional way to prepare juice – juicing without the juicer, or…

Juicing with a blender!

I just recently received my new Vita-mix (for my birthday – I will not say how old I am, but I sure hope that Vitamix – and the delicious, natural foods that I will prepare with it  – will help me look and feel younger longer), and I decided to test it to prepare some juice.

Juicing with a blender is certainly a good option that you can use if you don’t have a juicer handy – or even if you have one. Here are some instructions for you and a video. But first – before anybody asks, let’s briefly explain the difference between a juicer and a blender.

What is the difference between a juicer and a blender?

A juicer separates the liquid from the fiber, producing clear liquid (this can be a good thing or not so good thing. Read my post about juicing versus blending for more in-depth discussion about this topic.)

A blender is designed to liquefy food by chopping it up at high speeds. It doesn’t separate the juice from the pulp, so the result is a mushy liquid, also known as a smoothie ;-). Personally, I love smoothies, and typically start my day with a tall glass of blended green concoction (and so does my 8-year-old), but that in some cases all that pulp may not be desirable or may not taste very good (especially if you add lots of hard veggies, such as carrots, beets, etc), in which case you have a choice of adding more water, or straining some of the pulp.

A blender can be quite useful in tandem with a juicer. For example, bananas contain little juice, so juicing them would be hard, but they taste delicious when blended with many juices, for example pineapple juice, or green vegetable juice.

Making Juice With Vitamix Blender

Yes, you can make CLEAR JUICE with your BLENDER!

What you will need to do, is simply to strain off some of the pulp.

And although any blender might do the job, probably the best blender for making juices is Vitamix. That is because VitaMix is a truly powerful blender that blends the fruits and veggies into super-tiny pieces.

The Vita-Mix’s blades pulverize the skins, seeds and peels of whole foods to make them easily digestible.

* Just put your fruits and vegetables in the blender, add a little bit of water (this is optional, but will make the blending faster) and turn it on.
* Once the ingredients have been blended into a puree, you can drink it as is, or strain the puree with a cheese cloth or a cotton bag to separate the juice from the pulp.
* The cleanup is much faster than with traditional juicer.
* What is amazing, you may get more juice and less pulp than when using traditional juicer.

Blending with Vitamix


Read more about benefits of juicing and health cleanse juicing recipes on this Juicer Recipes and Juicing for Health Advice blog. Some of my favorite recipes include Fresh V8 Juice Recipe, Watermelon Grape Juice and Apricot-Mango Ambrosia. If you still don’t have a juicer and are considering getting one, read my review of my favorite Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor.


  1. Elizabeth @ buy juicer

    I too have the vitamix blender and use it for juicing. I love it! I like the fiber because I know I am getting the full nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables. I also have a juicer and sometime I just want the juice but to be honest, I am kind of lazy and cleaning out the vita mix is easy and fast and the juicer takes work so sometimes the clean up factor determines how I make juice. Thanks for your ideas, happy and healthy juicing!

    .-= Elizabeth @ buy juicer´s last blog ..Contact Us =-.

  2. chemical peels

    This “Vitamix” blender certainly sounds like a great little gadget! The fact that its easy to clean has kind of sold it for me. But the knowledge i am getting full nutritional value from it also is another strong point for me. Will have to see where i can get one near me!

    Great post. Thanks

  3. Monica Juicer

    Yes, Vitamix blender really is a great gadget because it is not only use as a blender, but also it can be use as a juicer! It is very functional and easy to use that’s why most people would truly love it. And because it is easy to clean, it will not consume too much time in cleaning and that’s really good!
    .-= Monica Juicer´s last blog ..Guide to Finding Waring Blender Parts =-.

  4. April Montgomery @ Best Blender For Smoothies

    Blenders are useful for a big number of recipes, so I believe that every kitchen countertop should have a good one always ready to use. It is surprising how they can even replace juicers for some things. They certainly produce juices with higher nutritional value, so that is a strong advantage already.

  5. francie Smart

    I have a blendex, very much like a Vitamix. I have an old Side Winder by Vitamix too. I love the Blendex because it’s a bigger “jar” and much easier to clean. That being said, I promised my husband we would get health with the blender, an so so we are. We do the whole “juice”, pulp and all. Once a little water and some ice are added at the end, it’s smooth as if it were juiced, but the pulp is still there. Looking forward to recipes.

  6. Qwintessence

    Ok, so I’ve been doing my researches about the blenders vs. the juicers. I’ve seen both do their jobs considerably with their own touches. But I have NOT seen a video yet where someone has taken a bunch of kale, celery, spinach, broccoli and any other leafy GREENs and blended them in the Vitamix for a veggie smoothie or juicing benefits. Can this be done? Or would it just be best to buy a juicer to juice those types of vegiges/fruits?

  7. Joanna

    My juicing/smoothie making routine keeps changing over time. What I’ve been doing recently is drinking a lot of smoothies with leafy greens, such as kale, celery, spinach, collards, dandelion, etc. Then, I use a juicer to make juice from the vegetables that don’t taste so great in a smoothie: cabbage, beets, broccoli or cabbage. I have also tried the method described in this article, i.e. making juice with a blender – and it certainly works, but honestly I have no patience to squeeze the juice from the pulp, so it ends up quite wet. As I said, the method works, but you need to blend the veggies on high speed and squeeze the juice out of the pulp really well.

  8. Edward

    I started this journey only last week, and have found some interesting results.

    I have both a BLENDTEC and a Juice Fountain centrifugal extractor. Sometimes I use one or the other, and other times I use both.

    One thing that prompts me to use the centrifugal extractor is if the pulp will be pleasantly palatable.
    As an example, I included some broccoli in a mixture in the Blendtec high speed blender, and while it did a good job pulverizing the broccoli, it did leave some “hairy” fiber that made me feel like I was eating cat fur. I also found this true with peeled whole oranges, and some kale stalks.

    The broccoli, oranges, and kale will always go through the centrifugal extractor, and then add them to the product in the blender.

    I do like the applesauce type texture in a whole juice, but not if it leaves a hairy feel in my mouth.

  9. Jacqueline

    I love this concept, and I can’t wait to try juicing with my blender in the morning. I bought a Jack Lalane juicer a while back, and ended up donating it to my friend’s yardsale because it was so clunky to use and clean up, and I really disliked wasting all the pulp. I don’t mind some pulp because I can use it in my cooking, the garden as compost, or to feed my chickens as a treat, but produce is expensive, and I want to get all I can from it. If I’m going to go through all the trouble of cleaning up an appliance, I want less waste, not more. I hope this strategy works for me. I am juicing for my healing, and hope to avoid surgery as a result.

  10. Elise Walsh

    I recently tried making juice with my blender- i own a juicer, but thought I’d give it a try. It was quite a messy process for me, maybe I just don’t have the skills down. The juice itself was quite good, but that banana mix with juice recipe sounds quite good.

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