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Juicer Recipes: Benefits of Juicing For Health and Energy

Whenever you are experiencing low energy or any health troubles – make yourself some fresh juice!

A four to eight-ounce glass of raw fruit or vegetable juice not only provides all the healing nutrients that we know about because they have been isolated by the scientists so far, but also the ones we are yet to discover. And, it delivers them in their living, organic, alkaline, whole, complete, balanced form.

If you are feeling insatiably hungry, if you are craving junk food, if you have any physical or emotional complaints, grab your juicer, make some vegetable and fruit juice, and drink it twice daily for amazing results, daily for huge results, three times a week for noticeable results, or even just once a week for improvement!

Vegetable juice has all your minerals, nutrients, building blocks, proteins, and enzymes in a form that is easily absorbed and used by the body instantly! If you search around online you’ll find literally tens of thousands of people have healed themselves of just about every condition by drinking vegetable juices. Drinking lots of fresh raw juices is also one of the fastest ways to lose weight.

It’s an undisputed fact: nothing is more enzyme-rich and nutrient-rich than freshly extracted vegetable juice. It is also the easiest form of nutrition for our body to absorb! Unfortunately, when most people think of vegetable juice, they typically picture canned tomato or V-8 juice.

However, vegetable juices can be surprisingly tasty and even addictive – in a positive sense, of course. You can try to experiment with different tastes and combinations, for example, trying to recreate a V8 juicer recipe.

breville juice fountain
Drink it every morning or afternoon to jump start your energy! It is best to drink it on an empty stomach, though.

The Benefits of Juicing: Vegetable and Fruit Juice Advantage

So why juice the vegetables instead of eating them? What’s the benefit of juicing them?

Juicing can play an important part in your diet by making it easier to consume the recommended five to eight daily (or bettter yet – even more!) servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. A juicer separates the juice from the fiber of the fruits and vegetables making them easier to digest, leaving you with organic water with all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from the plants. One large glass of pure, raw, fresh juice per day will help improve the immune system, increase energy, strengthen bones, clear skin and lower the risk of disease. Don’t limit yourself to fruit juices – add some healthy green juicer recipes to your juicing repertoire. For maximum benefits, it is recommended to consume a wide variety of juices from different types of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens.

Of course, fiber is important too, but because it is removed from the juice, your body will not have to waste energy on digestion. The nutrients will go straight into the cells to do their work.

But remember, even if you are juicing, be sure to incorporate juices into a well-balanced, high-fiber whole food diet. Extracted juices should not completely replace whole fruits and vegetables, since their fiber is important for eliminating toxins from the body. The easiest form to consume large quantities of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens is by preparing delicious green smoothies – make them part of your diet too!


Read more on this Best Juicer Recipes and Juicing for Health Advice blog. Some of my favorite recipes include Fresh V8 Juice Recipe, Watermelon-Grape Delight and Apricot-Mango Ambrosia. If you still don’t have a juicer and are considering getting one, read my review of my favorite juicing machine: Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor .

You may also want to visit Juicing-for-Health.com for a step-by-step guide to healthy fresh fruit and vegetable juicing. The site also features types of fruits and vegetables, their nutrition and health benefits, juicer reviews, and free juicer recipes for many common ailments.



  1. dianelacruz

    My husband and I were daily juicers for about a year. We felt great full of energy and no ailments to speak of. The only problem was that we gained so much weight from juicing we had to quit. My juices were not staight fruit juices either, most were made of carrots, green pepper, tomatoes, celery, and 1 apple. We would have a 100% rye cracker with that. We probably did this atleast 5 days a week. Another friend of our was doing the same thing and gained a bunch of weight as well. Could you please tell me why we gained so much weight? I read your article and your saying on the contrary we will lose weight. Thanks for the post, oh and if anyone is looking to juice I found the Jack Lalonde juicer to be the best.

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