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Juicing The Inexpensive Way

Homemade juice is touted as a treatment for many ailments and a healthier alternative to processed store brands.

Although many of these claims have yet to be substantiated, the best reason for buying a juicer and making your own juice is also the tastiest: Homemade juice tastes fresh because it is fresh, and when you make your own juice, the varieties are endless.

Juicers are available in a vast array of forms and range in price from expensive to outrageous. A stainless steel health food store version with more attachments than the average vacuum cleaner can easily set you back more than a month’s wages. Even less complicated discount store varieties carry a hefty price tag. Unless your physician has prescribed a special diet that requires a juicer with certain capabilities, you don’t need the best juicer on the market to launch your introduction into the world of juicing. This is especially true if you don’t already love fresh, homemade juice and are merely hoping to adjust your tastes and your lifestyle to include them.
tips on buying a juicer
Because many people buy juicers or receive them as gifts and then decide that juicing is not for them, there are always an abundance of juicers on the resale market. You can save money on a juicer by looking at online auction sites, for sale notices, thrift shops and rummage sales.

Because many people naturally want to try to recoup some of the large investment they made during their juicing phase, they often ask unreasonable prices for used juicers at yard sales and in advertisements. By the time a juicer has reached a thrift store, however, that emotional attachment has been broken, and you can often find gently used, or even unused, juicers at a huge discount.

Right after the winter holidays is a very good time to search thrift stores for appliances. Many people go through their cabinets and closets looking for items to donate so that they can make room for the new things they received over the holidays, and that juicer they bought, or received as a wedding present, may look like the perfect candidate for the donation box. Look for juicers that are still in their box. Often, unwanted gifts have never even been out of the box, so look for shreds of wrapping paper still clinging to the box.

Open the box carefully and look for original packing materials and paperwork. An owner’s manual, recipe book and warranty card, especially if they are packed inside a portion of the juicer, are good hints the item has never been used. Examine the juicer itself for leftover food particles, wear marks or scratches. Rubber, non-skid bumpers on the bottom of the appliance should be shiny and unscuffed. Keep looking. If you are diligent, you can walk away with a brand-new juicer for under $20.

This article was contributed by Holly Miller, who writes for Coupon Croc. Shopping for kitchen appliances on a budget? Use a Currys discount code and save when you buy online.

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