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Making Juices and Smoothies with Blenders: Best Blender Recommendations

Having written about making juices and smoothies with a blender (read this post How to Make Juice Without a Juicer Using Just a Blender?), I just have to write more about my favorite blender – VitaMix.

I own a VitaMix Super 5200 (I got it for my 44th birthday, so I’ve had it for over 4 years now), and it is truly a SUPERB machine!

OK, it’s not cheap, so that is a major drawback – but you know what they say – you get what you pay for – and it’s true!

So if you have been thinking about getting a new versatile kitchen appliance and your birthday (or Christmas, or Mother’s Day, or other occasion) is coming … don’t look any further. Get yourself a Vita Mix!

Vitamix Blender: Features and Benefits

Vitamix is a versatile and powerful appliance. This blender will help you simplify your kitchen by replacing your blender, food processor, juicer, ice cream maker, flour grinder, and mixer on your counter top.

* Versatile Machine.

I use it mostly for smoothies and soups. Every day, at least 2-3 times. So it’s really already paid for itself many times. But there are really many more things than that that you can use it for.

Vitamix can blend, cream, mash, puree, liquify, juice, knead and even cook. You see, Vitamix motor comes with front and reverse action. While the front action will work like in any other blender (just much more powerful), putting it in reverse causes it to heat up and cook whatever is in it. So you can make your blended soup and heat it up as well, all in one appliance, saving you time for prep work and clean up.

The Vitamix 5000 and 5200 models feature a dry blade that allows you to grind your own flour. Many people even use it as a juicer. (To do that you simply make a smoothie and strain out the pulp).

* Powerful motor. When switched to the highest speed, it will make a perfect smoothie, ice cream, puree, or flour (if you have a dry blade).

* Easy to clean and maintain. When you are done, just pour in some water, add a drop of dish-washing liquid, and turn it on for a few seconds. Vitamix will do the job itself.

*Long warranty. It comes with a warranty period of up to 5 or 7 years, depending on the model.

* Comes with a recipe book to jumpstart your creativity. Vitamix comes with a recipe book and information how to use the blender for optimal results. Based on that you can go on to produce your own delicious creations. Green Smoothie In Vitamix   

Which Vitamix Blender Should I Choose?

You really cannot go wrong with a Vitamix. That said, there are different types of this machine, so you’ll need to decide for yourself.

How is the VitaMix 5200 different from the Vitamix 4500? I have been researching different models of Vitamix, trying to decide which one to get. Here is the information that I found:

—VitaMix TurboBlend 4500— is a high performance 2 speed blender with one wet blade and two-speed control (high and low). It carries a 5 year warranty.

—VitaMix 5200– is a food processor with 1 wet blade, variable speed and 7 year warranty.

—VitaMix Super 5200— This is the top of the line model, a powerful food processor with variable speed (for up to 35 food tasks), one wet blade, one dry blade, and 7 year warranty. The dry blade is used for chopping dry ingredients, grinding grain and kneading dough.

Vitamix 5200 Versus Blendtec and Health Master

Of course, Vitamix is not the only game in town. There are many other blenders on the market that may be worth your consideration (and money).

Here is a comparison of Vitamix 5200 with Blendtec and Health Master. vitamix versus blendtec With a blender and a juicer at your disposal, there is really no excuse not to have your greens, fruits and veggies every day!

Submit a Juice Recipe or a Juicing Tip

If you have a favorite recipe or want to share a review of your favorite juicer, why not submit it here in the comment section for others to enjoy too!

And read more about the benefits of juicing on this juicing site. Thanks!

Read more articles on this Juicer Recipes and Juicing for Health Advice blog. Some of my favorite recipes include Fresh V8 Juice Recipe, Watermelon-Grape Delight and Apricot-Mango Ambrosia. If you still don’t have a juicer and are considering getting one, read my review of my favorite juicing machine: Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor and read Juicer Recipe: How to Make Juice Without a Juicer Using a Blender?


  1. Monica Juicer

    Thanks for the review. I think that vitamix blender is really a good brand because of its functionality. Whatever vitamix blender model it would be, I know that it will still work as good as others are because the brand itself is known to be a good provider of the best blenders in the world.
    .-= Monica Juicer´s last blog ..Guide to Finding Waring Blender Parts =-.

  2. Chris@Smoothies Recipes

    Hi There! Nice blog..I liked your article as well.
    looking forward to future reads :)

  3. D Kelley

    I personally like Blendtec. It does a fine job, is American made, costs less than Vitamix.

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