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Juicing Your Way to Better Health

There’s hardly any dispute on the gains from eating vegetables but does it say the same as when you drink it? Juicing seems to be the latest niche on health.

Technically, juicing is the extraction of sap from plant tissues such as fruits and vegetables where fruit juicing is generally the preference of the many. This is regardless how one completes the process whether it is done by simple mashing or extracting it out by means of sophisticated, high-end kitchen appliances.

There are numerous testaments on the health benefits of juicing, from losing those excess pounds to improving skin diseases, alleviating high blood pressure and even supplementary treatment of cancer.

Losing weight seems to be the primary driver for people who started with juicing. Some claimed to lose as much as 1.5 lbs a day. The vegetable or fruit juice flooding the body’s system would make one less hungry and therefore eat less, losing weight significantly. There is the sense of having control over hunger pangs and gives the overall feeling of having the power to manage food intake. This, of course, should be coupled with other discipline such as lifestyle management and physical exercise. Then again, one loses the feeling of being bloated and lethargic as the body absorbs fluids quickly and easily.

Another compelling motive to juicing is its ability to improve skin conditions such as flaky skin, dry, brittle nails and even thinning hair. Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, choline, carotene, pantothenic acid (reduces acne) and folic acid found in cucumber, carrot and Romaine lettuce are endorsed by juicing proponents. Packed with a high concentration of minerals like manganese, calcium, potassium, magnesium, fruit and vegetable juices are a great tonic for the skin. Take blackberries for instance. Blackberries have a high content of anti-inflammatory properties. This can potentially address swelling brought by gout and arthritis. Juicing is a nature’s way of de-puffing the eyes brought about many late nights. To add, green vegetable juices help to restore the body’s pH, clears the body of acid waste resulting to younger, glowing, healthier skin.

In our highly technological, fast paced environment, where stress seems to be the main culprit for illnesses and diseases, mental and physical, vegetable and fruit juice extracts can potentially counterbalance its ill effects. The enzymes and amino acids derived from juicing are known to have anti-stress and immune booster vitamins. It aids to synthesize and creates bodily components necessary to improve hemoglobin levels, antibodies and neurotransmitters. It can also help in lowering cholesterol levels, which is highly encouraging to people with heart problems.

Ingesting high concentration of antioxidants found in fruit and vegetable juices can be one of the most effective means in protecting the body from stress and illnesses. Rich in immune boosting qualities, drinks extracted from lemon juice, garlic, beet juice, kiwi juice, broccoli and soursop. The latter has been researched as a natural cancer killer by the scientific community having 10,000 times potency than the chemotherapeutic drug Adriamycin.

All-natural, truly endless possibilities, detoxifying, healthy start juicing now!

If you are considering juicing join this beginner juicer as he starts juicing for health.


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