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Should You Drink Cold Water or Warm Water Daily?

Recently, there has been an explosion of facts regarding warm water and cold water. There are some who say that it is better to drink cold water and there are some who say that it is better to drink water. Because of the varying statements coming from experts in the field of science, you might find yourself confused. You might find yourself standing in front of the cold and hot water dispenser not knowing which of the two options you should choose. Should you drink cold water or warm water? Actually, the answer depends on a case to case basis.

When should you drink cold water?

Cold water is often drunk by those who are absolutely thirsty. Coming home from a very tiring day at work or finishing a very long workout these are activities wherein people get so thirsty that they would crave for ice cold refreshing water. There are some doctors who say that drinking water after getting very tired is a good idea because cold water effectively cools the body. It is more effective in cooling the body than warm water. However, there is a problem with cold water. Cold water solidifies the fatty foods making them a lot harder to digest. Thus, it is not ideal to drink cold water after eating a meal.

When should you drink warm water?

There are also a number of doctors who promote that warm water is better than cold water? Well, for one reason, warm water is better for digestion that cold water. As mentioned earlier, cold water solidifies fats making the digestion of food very hard. Warm water does the opposite. Another thing is that drinking warm water before actually eating something helps make people feel fuller. It is because of this reason that people who want to lose weight or are on a diet love drinking warm water before eating. While not as refreshing as cold water, warm water still offers some benefits. In fact, it is because of these reasons that warm water can be considered as healthier than cold water.

Most people get warm water straight from their faucets. This is rampant in first-world countries because it is in these countries where tap water is safe for drinking. However, for those who do not want to gamble their health with questionable tap water, it is advised for them to use a long lasting water filter.

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