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Another Super Red Juice: Beet-Carrot-Parsnip Combination

This week we continue our mini juicing reboot (or mini-detox-cleanse) with my husband (who is my main motivation behind this cleanse, as I’m determined to help him lose some weight and improve his health).

I have to say it’s been working really well so far. So today, we made this vibrantly red beet juice with carrots, parsnips, celery and apple.

Super Red Beta-Carrot Juice Recipe

1 apple (or use two for a sweeter juice)
2 small beets
2 carrots
2 celery sticks
1 small parsnip (optional)
1/4 lemon (organic, if possible; if not, remove the skin)
a small slice of ginger (optional)

1. Pass all ingredients through the juicer.
2. Pour into a pretty glass (I find that wine glasses work perfectly – so I strategically placed the juicer next to my husband’s wine bar ;-)).
3. Sip and smile!

About the ingredients. The benefits of and beets in the fight against cancer has been well-documented. Also, beets are a great source of iron, which means it helps purify the blood. This juice is superb for helping to build the blood and is great for detoxing and fighting infections – just what the doctor ordered!

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