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Skin Cleansing and Beautifying Elixir

I truly believe that the health of someones skin is very telling of the foods they consume – I agree with the statement the appearance of flawless skin depends, more than anything else, how clean your body is on the inside – so, since I consider my diet to be quite healthy (although not perfect, for sure), this is quite unexpected. I consume lots of whole plant foods, don’t eat any animal foods (have been mostly vegan for the past year and a half), plus I drink lots of green smoothies and juices. I’ve been researching it a bit, and it seems like I have Rosacea flare-ups going on, so I’m trying various skin creams and lotions.

green-juice-for clear skin

Here is an interesting skin cleansing recipe I came across recently. I’m going to give it a try and let you know how it goes. …

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Green Juice: Energizing Green Vegetable Cocktail

There are many variations of this green juice recipe that you may want to try – almost every book on the subject of diet and nutrition gives some version of this green cocktail. Green juices are unbelievably good for you, so good, in fact, that we should all be drinking them daily in the morning, instead of the coffee or milk. They are great immune system boosters. So, if you are willing to try a great juicing recipe for green vegetables and kale that will give you lots of energy, here it is.

Simple version:
1 head romaine lettuce or celery
5-6 leaves of kale (you can add some other greens too, such as spinach, dandelion, or parsley)
1-2 apples or pears (green apples are less sweet, more tart)
1 lemon (if not organic, then the lemon should be peeled)

Additional/optional ingredients:
1 cucumber
1 cup of spinach leaves
1/4 of a small cabbage
1/4 to 1/2 ripe Hawaiian papaya (1/2 results in a sweeter juice)
1 handful of cilantro or parsley (or both for deeper green juice)
1 handful of fennel (stalk can be used too)

green juice recipe

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Green Happy Juice That Will Make You Smile

Even though I don’t juice nearly as often as I used to (since I became the fanatic of blending and green smoothies, which have some important advantages over juicing), I do love green juices, usually done with whatever I happen to have in my fridge and pantry.

Usually, for my juices I tend to use the ingredients that I would not use in my smoothies (at least not in any significant quantities), such as cabbage, broccoli (check out this cabbage-broccoli juice), beets, carrots, sweet potatoes and other dense vegetables. In this respect, definitely juicing has an advantage over blending (read more about juicing vs. blending here), as it allows you to consume more of the veggies that you don’t normally eat.

This green juice, however, uses all the ingredients that can be used for a smoothie, so you can really choose between what you are in the mood for: juicing or blending.


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Cool Slaw: Cabbage-Broccoli Juice

Cabbage is one of my favorite ingredients to juice, because of it’s health benefits, and the fact that I don’t eat it enough on a daily basis. Due to it’s sulphur content, cabbage juice on it’s own may not be your “cup of juice“, but with the addition of apples and carrots, it’s simply delicious.…

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