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4 Refreshing Watermelon Juice Recipes (Don’t Throw Away That Rind!)

Watermelon juice has a delightful cooling property and watermelon’s water content is refreshing during hot summer days.

I love to just devour chilled watermelon pieces, but I hate to discard those rinds that still have lots of juicy and nutrient-rich liquid in them.

Did you know that most of nutritional content in the watermelon is in the rind? It contains chlorophyll, vitamin A, protein, potassium, zinc, iodine, nucleic acids and enzymes which aid digestion.

fresh ripe watermelon sliced on a  wood table over white background

Well, you don’t have to throw away that rind! Simply juice it, instead!

If you don’t enjoy watermelon rind juice because it doesn’t taste as good as the pink flesh, then add other fruits to the juice (you can make delicious green juice with it!) or blend the juice with other fruits into a smoothie. Read more here…

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Juicer Recipes: Cleansing Carrot Cocktails

Here are some carrot juice recipes to inspire you.

Carrots add wonderful sweetness to green juices. Dandelion helps to flush toxins from the system and improves the liver function. It is recommended for the liver cleansing diet. Alternate these with green juice cocktail for best results.

If possible, use organic fruits and vegetables in your recipes. You can buy organic produce in many grocery stores, at farmers’ markets or you can simply grow your own. However, if you cannot find them, or you feel they cost too much – just use what you have.


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Sweet Sunrise Delight: Bubbly Grape, Lemon and Orange Juice Recipe

This juice is delicious in the morning, as well as good mid-afternoon pick-me-up, because of the rich supply of natural sugars. 1 cup green or red grapes 1/2 lemon, peeled 2 oranges, peeled 4 ounces sparkling mineral water Juice the grapes first, followed by the lemon and oranges. Mix with mineral water and stir. The…

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Juice, What a Surprise! Join My Promotional Campaign of Freshly Made Green Juice

What many experts and scientists have been pointing out for quite some time, though, is that cow milk’s large fat molecule is acid- and mucus-forming in humans; thus we are all “lactose intolerant” to one degree or another. Our grandparents, with their strong genetics, withstood it well. Unfortunately, our own children with three generations of weakened genetics, are not faring so well.…

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Juicer Recipes: Benefits of Juicing For Health and Energy

Whenever you are experiencing low energy or any health troubles – make yourself some fresh juice! A four to eight-ounce glass of raw fruit or vegetable juice not only provides all the healing nutrients that we know about because they have been isolated by the scientists so far, but also the ones we are yet to…

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Fresh RAW V8 Juice Recipe

Many people shun away from eating vegetables, especially the children. But simply saying “eat more vegetables” is not enough. It is alarming to know that most chronic illnesses today are caused by improper diet. However, it’s amazing what adding massive amounts of leafy greens, vegetables and fruits can do to our health. Our bodies have…

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