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What Are The Best Juicer Brands Out There?

The final product choice depends on the point of view, as some people like their juice pulpy whereas many people like their juice free of pulp. This depends on the user’s perspective, whether the best juicer is made of stainless steel or plastic filtration systems, for example. However, when it comes to quality, there are some companies that have a great reputation for producing high quality models that can last a long time. From my personal experience, the following companies are the most reliable companies in the juicer market.

Jack Lalanne is one of those businesses that provide excellence in almost all the models they’ve released. What is even more impressive is that the power juicer company usually sends their models with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, which is not possible, unless they are confident that their model is so good. In addition to the warranty, however, the best juicer supplied by this company in particular includes a patented technology for extracting the juice that is capable of extracting up to 30% more juice from fruits and vegetables. This is possible thanks to the stainless steel blade, and a high-performance engine that is capable of 3600 rpm. This Jack Lalanne juicer is by far the best juicer available in a range of products of this company.
Jack Lalane Juicer
The Breville juicer offers the best product line when comes to extraction of juice from pulp or seeds. It is equipped with a stainless steel mesh steel micro filter system that after extraction remains dry and ready for cleaning. Many of the customers who have purchased Breville are very satisfied. These models also usually come with a 5 year warranty – which is not as good as a lifetime warranty, but still quite extensive, and even if something goes wrong, you still get more than worth the money.

Omega may not seem like the best juicer on the market but there is no reason to not consider it. Omega products often come with only 80 watts power in their internal motor, which, compared with the previous two companies, automatically seems like a waste of time and money. This is not so! Omega is well known for being very strategic in their projects, which means that even if they come with a slow mover, juice extraction process only takes a few seconds longer than usual, and as a result it produces less foam than all other companies combined. A 5-10 year warranty with all Omega products is common. Another good option would be the Ninja 1100 blender.

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